Sunday, December 4, 2011

Application - Keys

Pivot Center to Bounding Box Center [COMMA]

Toggle FullScreen [Ctrl + UP]
Toggle Object Mode [TAB]
Toggle Edit Mode [TAB]
Full Screen (viewport) [Shift + SPACEBAR]  
Screen Layout Advance [Ctrl + Left/Right]
Separate Window [Shift + LMB Drag]

Render Scene [F12]
Cursor to Origin [Shift + c]
Snap Menu [Shift + s]
Snap Selected to Cursor [Alt + g]
Snap Geometry [Shift + Alt + Ctrl + c]
Search Menu [Spacebar]
Select All Toggle [a]
Block Select Enable [b]
Wireframe View [z]
Texture View [Alt + z]
Paint Select [c]
Proportional Editing [o]

Undo [Ctrl + z]
Redo [Ctrl + Shift + z]
Editor Panel [n]  // cursor in viewport
Tools Panel [t]  // cursor in viewport

Duplicate [Shift + d]
Linked Duplicate [Alt + d]  // change one, change all
Parent Object [Ctrl + p]  // parent is last selected
Clear Parent [Alt + p]

Look Y [NUM 1]
Look X [NUM 3]
Look Z [NUM 7]
Toggle Ortho View [NUM 5]
Focus On Selected [NUM PERIOD]
Focus And Isolate [NUM /]
Add Object [Shift + a]
Hide Selected [h]
Hide Unselected [Shift + h]
Unhide All [Alt + h]

Camera to Current View [Ctrl + Alt + NUM0]
Camera View [NUM0]

Switch between layers [1,2,3...0]

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