Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rigging - Blender Foundation

This tutorial is the workflow for rigging as defined in the book Blender Foundations.  It's a brief summary of the major steps.


  • Ensure all transforms are applied [Ctrl + a]
  • Set origin to the center of the object [Shift + Ctrl + Alt + c]
    • Origin to Geometry

Add bones [Shift+a],  Armature >> Single Bone
Make the bones viewable through the mesh by enable X-Ray in the Object pallete for the bone object.

It is common and useful to have an overall parent bone to provide control of the entire skeleton.

In Edit Mode, you can select either node of the bone to extrude [e] or to use the normal transform functions.                  
To create a disconnected bone, select the two bones and parent by [Ctrl+P], and choose Keep Offset, to create a disconnected relationship.

Connecting Bones (Parent selected last):  [Ctrl + P]
Disconnecting Bones: [Alt+P]

Enter Pose Mode [Ctrl + TAB]
Enable Auto IK to have child bones affect parent bones

Select the mesh, then [Shift+Click] the Armature.
Parent the mesh to the armature [Ctrl + P] Armature Deform: With Automatic Weights

      Enable Quaternion in the Armature pallette.

For weight painting, select the mesh (in Pose Mode) then hit [Ctrl + TAB] to enter Weight Paint Mode.

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