Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ivy Generator

This entry is an introduction to the Ivy Generator addon.  This addon is now built into the latest version (at least versions later than 2.66a).  To demonstrate this function we'll be adding the ivy vines to this marble platform of suzanne.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Retargeting BVH

This entry covers another method for incorporating Motion Capture data through a BVH file.  This method is useful for any circumstance, but is exclusively helpful when your BVH rig does not have a nice T-Pose in Edit Mode (as shown below).

This entry is a very basic summary of what is shown in this video here Video Reference

A huge database of BVH files can be found here:  MoCap Database

If you have a BVH rig with a nice T-Pose while in Edit Mode, you may want to use this approach instead  BVH Meshing

Mesh a BVH Armature

This entry will show a simple approach to meshing a motion capture armature.  This method lends itself well to an armature that has a nice T-Pose while in Edit Mode.

For this approach, we'll be adding our own mesh to the existing mocap armature.  Since the requirement is have a nice T-Pose in Edit Mode, I found that BVH files at this site T-Posed Mo Cap Links, meet that requirement.

Below is an image of an example armature in edit mode.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Object Display Attributes

This entry will overview the different Display properties in the Object panel.  Many of these are best understood through experimentation, but some are easier to understand with description.