Saturday, July 8, 2017

Texture Map - External Coloring

In this entry I'll cover how to create a texture based on the unwrapped UV map.  In this case, I wanted to create the waffle cone volcano in a game I was making.  In some cases it makes more sense to attempt to paint directly in the viewfinder.  For that see my other entry:  Texture Painting.  In this case with a specific uv unwrapping in mind, I wanted to modify the mapped texture.

The first step is to unwrap the UVs on the object.  Then with a new empty image created, Bake the current material into that image.  Render Tab > Bake panel > Bake button  (shown below).

The result shown below creates an image that gives you a mapping of how the geometry is laid out.  In this case, the way I unwrapped it put the top of the volcano at the top-left of the image, and the base at the bottom-right.

This made it easy for me to create a painted texture that put chocolate in the areas I desired.

This new texture could now be used on the same UV map to produce the final texture.

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